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I contacted ITD custom Gunsmithing about the work to be done,,,
1. New Douglas barrel 24 inch 1 in 9 twist, 6.5-06, fluted with muzzle brake.
2. True the action and take off the ring.
3. Lap the lugs.
4. Reforge the bolt handle.
5. Drill and tap for one piece Redfield base.
6. Parkerize the barreled action.
I think that is about it,,, quote was less than $600.00.
It will be awhile before I can afford to send it off.
1) a) Douglas barrels are not factory lapped and can Copper foul faster than factory lapped barrels. They ARE stress relieved. I have put a number of them on Turk actions and VZ24 actions.
b) I have put on a number of muzzle brakes 12 years ago and bought guns with muzzle brakes. I now take them off. They make too much noise and kick up too much dust from prone.
2) I have trued enough Mausers actions by making a mandrel and turning the receiver in the lathe and facing off the large rings. This has never increased accuracy for me and makes the distance from the barrel shoulder to breech to be odd ball.
3) I have made spring loaded Mauser lug lapping fixtures and lapped enough Mauser lugs. This makes the head space odd ball and has not increased accuracy.
4) I have forged over dozens of Mauser bolt handles. This alone makes for a very short bolt handle. The best is to forge it and then weld it longer, but most often now I just weld longer.
5) I buy a lot of guns. If they have Redfield mounts or lapped rings, I take that stuff off and throw it away. I have standardized on Weaver rings and Weaver or Picatinny rails. Sometimes I make my own Picatinny or Weaver rails and sometimes I buy them.
6) Parkerizing involves the use of Hazardous chemicals. I have not done it. I have done Brownells spray baking lacquer. I think that caused some brain damage. You may be better off with Alumnihide II and wearing a mask that filters organic compounds.
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