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"...The Sistema will have ... old-style military sights, a small safety and 1911 grip safety..."

Except for the one word I left out, I can't disagree with the above.


With the old-style military sights, and even with my old eyes, I can still (not every time, but often) make a single 5-round hole at 25 yards with my Sistema.

I really like both the small safety and the 1911 grip safety.

The trigger is fantastic and has almost certainly been worked on once or twice in the past 65 years.

I've owned and still owned springfields that are great (never had hold of either an Operator MC or Loaded model but would like to). You aren't likely to be disappointed in either.

My Sistema, however, is the last pistol I would let leave my hands. My younger son will get it one day.

It is said, with some accuracy, that an older gun requires that you have a certain amount of luck to get a good one.

I've been lucky.

I'd get the Sistema.


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