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I have owned two 7mm Rem Mags, still have a .280 Rem and a 7mm-08. The 7 Mags are like haveing a big block v-8 engine they hve the horesepower to get it done period, however the VAST majority of the time you just don't need that horsepower, enter the .280 Rem, plenty of power for most any job especially if you reload. Along comes the 7-08 Rem, still plenty of power but mostly housed in a more effecient, lighter package. I have pretty much parked my beloved .280 in the safe for my 7-08 Mdl 7, short light, easy on the shoulder whether carrying it or shooting it, balances beautifully, in short I love tht rifle. Seems like its more related to the platform than the actual cartridge.
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