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No no no nothing like 2 months probably like 30 minutes, I put it in there then fed all the cattle then came back and brushed it and patched it out. The patches were solid blue then they started getting less blue and more red. It was after shooting about 200 rounds of those cheap black eagle rounds. There was so much copper it was almost wrapping around the edge of the bore. When I hold it up to a light bulb it's all shiny with a couple little tiny pieces of something that look kind of like powder residue in a shotgun barrel. I figured that was from it not being totally clean. I ussually give up on cleaning after about 100 pathes. I can brush the bore then patch it untill the patches are completly clean, then if I brush it again the patches are solid black, so I do this until I get completly sick of it and just run an oiled patch down it and oil eveything then put it up.
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