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Fear and anxiety, questions for those of you who lived through the Clinton AWB.

I'm too young to remember any of this seeing as I was born several years after the fact.

I've read about it, and I've heard about the aftermath in terms of both laws/regulations as well as the impact it had on the sales of firearms.

Let me state, this is NOT a hype thread, what I would like to ask is what it was like living through that, did any of you suffer from the anxieties or worries that so many seem to be in an uproar right now.

As many have stated before, we must keep things in perspective and be reminded that despite what the media would like you to believe, the liklihood of a new AWB apparently is not something we should be terribly concerned about.

The general public appears to be more in favor of firearms nowadays, and the recent studies seem to support the fact that an AWB does nothing to curb violent crimes.

There are many here who have indeed gone through the madness, seen the price infaltion on anything related to firearms, and I guess what I'm asking, is how long do you think this will go on until prices stablize once again after whomever wins the nice little condo on Capitol hill.

I've come to the conclusion that what ever happens will happen regardless of my wishes, and for better or worse, it's best to just go with it. I'll do my part and vote for what I believe in, but raising a fuss at this point seems like a waste of energy.

As thes saying goes "Que sera sera" ~ Jay Livingston

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