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Rifleman1776, I am far more familiar with a Walker than the Dragoon which is why I was unsure on it's maximum powder charge. Rest assured I will not take to the woods with it unless I am confident I can make a clean shot.
Ben Towe, good. Glad to hear you are concientious on that point. I am very aware of just how hard accurate shooting with a handgun of any kind can be. I used to shoot competitively with my Ruger Redhawk in .44 mag. and was braggin' good. Then shoulder injuries, surgery, etc. took me away from serious handgun shooting for several years. Now, I have to admit, my accuracy abilities with a handgun are simply not suited for hunting. Whether it be with yer ole timey replica or my modern magnum banger, practiced accuracy is necessary for successful and humane hunting.
Good luck.
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