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Having had a lot of bad luck with the last half dozen or so Springfields I had (you wont notice my displeasure about it in what follows in the least ), Id go with the Systema, assuming it was in reasonable shape.

The Systemas are basically Argentine Colts, built under license and under the supervision of Colt engineers.

The Springfields are just "Springfields" interpretation of the 1911, and except for some of their early 80's guns, probably nothing close to "spec". Ive had a couple where the frames were so out of spec that they didnt even feel like a 1911 in my hands. Some models do have the supposedly "needed" bells and whistles, but I always found the guns closest to Colt specs to work and run the best.

The Systema was built to run on ball, so your likely going to have to have a throat and polish/reliability package done on it to get it to reliably feed things other than ball ammo. That and a set of larger sights, if you need them, are really all you should need.

If you do decide to go with Springfield, I HIGHLY suggest you look very closely at the gun before you buy it. Closely look at the quality of the work, rack the slide, check out the trigger, take it apart and look closely at it. If youre lucky, it "might" work reliably out of the box. Plan on spending the time and money to "break it in", something "you" shouldnt have to do, and dont be surprised if you need it send it back to them to get something fixed.

People love to point out they have such a great warranty/customer service department, but as much as they get used, they should be (dont be surprised if they lie to you when you call though). What they need to work on is, engineering and QC.
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