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Mocked up my design of the gun racks, just using pine construction lumber, & cheap hardware store Chinese dowels... the design works awesome, I cut 1/2" dowels in 4" lengths, & can slip them into one of the holes in the 2 rows of holes drilled 2" apart, ( the rows are staggered, so I have 1" of adjustment between both rows of holes ) I currently have my smallest bolt action ( a lil 12 Mach 2 ) a medium bolt action ( my custom Remington 700 in 17 Fireball ) & my biggest bolt action ( a custion 416 Rigby ) ... no scope on the Rigby yet, 4-12 power on the 17 Fireball, 2-7 power on the Mach 2... my CAS exposed hammer, double barrel shotgun, My lever action 45 Colt, & a single shot .410 all hanging on the same rack, with level barrels, & even spacing between them all... I'm totally happy with that design, & am going to start on 3 pairs for the walls, out of matching lumber to my paneling...

the handgun rack was the same design, but done on a 2 X 6 instead of a pair of 2 X 4's... I can get everything to hang from my lil Taurus TCP, to my long cylinder Dan Wesson 357 Maximum ... not sure if an X frame Smith would work, but we'll see later, when I actually buy an X frame... some of the more challenging to hang & display are the autos... I'm using 2 dowels in the same row, one in the trigger guard, & one over the slide, & so far that seems to work well on everything I've tried... my big bore snubbie revolvers are a challenge the Ruger Alaskan wants to flip over if I hang it from the front of the trigger guard, but if I go behind the trigger it'll hang fine... my 45 Colt single action snubbie the barrel barely makes it to the other row, but works... I may have to make a special rack out of the 2 X 4 for my antique pocket revolvers...

but I finally have guns hanging from the walls... albeit on mocked up racks... but I'm really happy with how things are working out
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