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1100 bolt question

Still working on the 1100. The bolt will not go forward after the bolt release is pushed up. It moves about 1/4 in and hits something. I have to pop the pins and remove the trigger housing to return the bolt. This issue is what lead me to find the loose feed latch bar (part 43) from my last post.

I cleaned everything and re-set the feed latch bar and was able to lightly stake it in place. The bolt moves fine with the trigger system out. When I replace the trigger and then install the bolt it pulls back as it should, but then won't go forward when released.

The gun was shot 7 times with a light field load and once with a 2 3/4 slug. That is when it locked back.

I can't find anything that looks bent, broken or out of alignment, but I know I'm missing something.

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