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Time to Start an Argument

Last year there was a decent movie out called "The Grey" with Liam Neeson. It's about a hunter (Neeson) who is contracted by an oil company to protect oil workers from predators at a remote drilling site. Long story short; when the crew is flying home, the plane crashes and the story line becomes a survival in the wilderness film. To add drama, the survivors of the plane crash are stalked by an almost supernatural pack of grey wolves.

The question: If you were in a similar situation, having survived a plane crash in an extremely remote area like Siberia in Russia, what rifle and handgun would you wish you had with you? In Siberia you have some of the biggest Brown bear in the world. Siberian tigers (although rare) are the largest tigers in the world. And for the sake of lively discussion, lets say there are some hostile local humans as well. If you could have one of each, which rifle and handgun would you want both for hunting and self-defense. For me it would be a good bolt action .308 with a good scope and a 10mm semi-auto pistol.

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