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Anybody Ever Have a Gun That Just Grew on Them?

A Ruger .22/45.

I'd had a previous unpleasant experience with a Ruger Standard I'd bought in 1975 or 6.
Thing was a pain to take down and put back together, jammed with hollow points,,,,,sometimes jammed with solids too,,,,shot so far off POA it was rediculous.
Replaced the Ruger w/a High Standard and never looked back for the next 20 plus years.

The "tupperware" craze finally convinced me I should at least consider trying a "plastic" pistol.
I didn't want to sink a lot of money into something I was dead set against at the time, so the "plastic" Ruger @ under $200 looked like it would be a decent one to try.

Sooooooo - I bought a gun made by the same company as the one that made the bad one I'd gotten rid of & it was "plastic" too boot.
Strike one and strike two.

Once I took it out and started to shoot it, it grew on me more and more.
That .22/45 has probably twice as many rounds gone through it as all my other guns combined.
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