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The 1911.

I hated them when I was a kid. I did not like the looks at all. Had a Gold Cup years ago that really changed my outlook.

The hi-cap .45 and 9mm guns came along and the need for a 1911 faded into the background.

Then. . .came the Sig 1911, then the Smith and Wesson 1911E, then the Ruger SR1911, then the Dan Wesson PM9, then the Dan Wesson Valor.

This last week, I shot a Springfield 1911-A1 in 9mm. It was a Trophy Match gun and it will give the Dan Wessons a run for the money.

I am going to the LGS today to place an order. Probably get one in 9mm and .45. . .

Being retired has drawbacks. . .too much time on your hands gets you in trouble.

When I see the posts of some 1911 collections, I understand the need for 60 1911 guns. . .I really do. . .

They grow on you.

Carpe Cerveza
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