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I can dump about a dozen rounds into a six inch target with my glock 20 in the time it takes me to dump six rounds into a six inch target with a 357 revolver. Nothing wrong with 357, infact it's one of the best man stoppers of all time, but when the ten can do it faster with heavier bullets...
There's a lot of energy sitting in a glock 20, around 11,250 lbs in mine right now with a full mag of buffalo bore. That's a 50bmg.
Also when you compare barrel leingths a glock 4.6" is to be compared to a 3" revolver because revolvers are measured from ahead of the cylinder and autos are measured from the base of the cartridge.
Both are great though and some will never warm up to an auto for woods carry and that's fine. I'm sure whatever you pick you'll be better off than many.
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