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Cartridges stuck in chamber after firing

Rifle is a Browning A-Bolt II chambered in 7mm mag.

First shell ejected without problems. The 2nd shot is where we ran into a problem. The bolt handle came up but would not slide back. We tried to diagnose the problem for a bit and decided to take it home.

I put the butt of the stock on the floor, lifted the bolt handle and hit it with my palm and the shell kicked out.

The next logical step was looking at the cartridge for any irregularities. There is a thin line that is not on unfired brass. The rest of it is clean.

The gun cycles unfired rounds smoothly through the action. The rounds we were shooting were decent quality but of unknown age. I have some newly purchased ammo for it.

Debating going out and shooting it today, trying the fresh ammo. The gun has been cleaned more thoughly, with more attention paid to cleaning the chamber than it has probably seen through most of its 17 years of existence. I am hoping that it was just needed to be cleaned, but any helpful imput is welcomed.
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