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The question we're discussing isn't what to train with. You asked what we thought of the .22 lr as a self defense round. Not what we think of it as a training round. My opinion is that there are better rounds for self defense than the 22 and I don't recommend it for that purpose unless a person has nothing else, can't afford anything else or if a physical condition necessitates it.
I don't disagree at all....esp. with everything after "unless". I'm just stating that the .22lr pistol may have some utility as a SD platform that hasn't been considered before now. And I definitely do not see the .22lr as have even made statements to that effect. I think our main disagreement is "What do I feel comfortable with in a SD pistol?" At that point, each person makes their own choice.....and it appears that you & I have made ours.

Now you asked for people's opinions. You have them. You can see their reasoning. You're under no obligation to agree with it. Do different if you want to.
And I have thoroughly enjoyed all the discussion on this matter. Thank you. Be well.
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