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First, and last

Ace high.

Well a buddy of mine had a hook up on .357 rounds.

First time you fired that in your bedroom? Damaged hearing.

In the case of sticking with a pure 9mm, would a Glock 19 be a good choice?
Bold-ed above, yes, yes, and yes! Carry ammo? Lots to pick from, my choice? 147g Ranger T Winchester, but lots of good rounds out there.

The Glock 19 is one of the best (and most reliable) pistols in the world.

As a first carry holster, the cheapy Glock holster, $13.? is a good one. The same cheap Glock magazine pouches, buy two, one for the extra spare mag; one for your Surefire flash light, sit the one mag pouch for your flash light in the sink, run the hot water on it, to soften it up, force the head of the flash light into it, till it fits.

A good folder, you are good to go.
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