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Well a buddy of mine had a hook up on .357 rounds.
Was he talking about the .357 Magnum? Because that's a terrific chambering for a revolver; if you're getting a revolver a .357 Magnum is a great choice for several reasons. But for the most part, revolver rounds and semi-auto rounds are different; the .357 SIG is completely different and is a semi-auto round. The .357 SIG is a great round for some law enforcement (I think the Secret Service uses it), but its power is not usually needed for self-defense use. The downsides of the .357 SIG vs. the 9mm is that the .357 SIG is more likely to over-penetrate and hit people in other rooms or other houses, it's going to have a lot more recoil, it's going to have a smaller magazine capacity, ammo will be a lot more expensive, and ammo for .357 SIG can sometimes be hard to find and if you can find it there is often a very small selection. Stick with 9mm; you should train with ammo that shoots pretty close to what you're using for self-defense.

In the case of sticking with a pure 9mm, would a Glock 19 be a good choice?
In my opinion the Glock 19 is the best all-around self defense handgun ever made; I think it's the perfect balance of concealability and shootability and it's my current every-day-carry gun. Also, it's incredibly popular so holsters and other accessories are very easy to find.
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