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How about letting shooters shoot a gun that will save their lives long enough for them to learn how to shoot something more effective?
I can't stop anyone from shooting anything. Neither would I want to stop folks from doing that or to try. By the same token I can't "let" them do anything either.

Good to see you acknowledge that there are more effective rounds for self defense than the 22. So why not recommend those rounds?

The question we're discussing isn't what to train with. You asked what we thought of the .22 lr as a self defense round. Not what we think of it as a training round. My opinion is that there are better rounds for self defense than the 22 and I don't recommend it for that purpose unless a person has nothing else, can't afford anything else or if a physical condition necessitates it.

That's the issue, do you recommend to new shooters that they rely on the 22l.r. for self defense and as a carry gun for defense against other persons? I don't and I explained why. There are better rounds that increase a fellas chance of surviving a deadly encounter. A simple thing.

Show me any handgun, and there will be stories of how it failed to stop a BG.
Yes there are. So part of the question is do you select a round that increases the chance of such a failure or one that is more likely to promote a healthy outcome, at least for you.

Now you asked for people's opinions. You have them. You can see their reasoning. You're under no obligation to agree with it. Do different if you want to.

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