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Anybody Ever Have a Gun That Just Grew on Them?

I have completely flip flopped on the Browning Hi-Power. I used to think it was the ugliest pistol made...Then I saw a stainless one on The Walking Dead and thought to myself it wasn't half bad. Low and behold I got my hands on one in a trade a few months later. I traded for it with the intention of selling it for profit. Never even looked at it very close. Well the damned thing has grown on me. My initial plan was to sell the hi power and keep the glock 36, but then I held them up next to each other and realized how much the glock feels like a big square brick. And it's a compact model. The Browning seemed so much LESS massive. The thinness really sets it off. Add to that all the history I didn't know, and I have become rather impressed with this pistol. It's just kinda surreal. A complete 180.
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