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I'm going to send you the other direction...

Since stopping to cock your rifle slows the shot process to basically that of a bolt-action rifle,
you then get to see the benefit of making Each Shot you take a little more time to aim each one...
soon you find that the aim/great hit ratio increases...along with your speed of target aquisition...
and it'll give you increased finger/hand strength by spending a lot of time working the action!
Also smoothing it up as you go...

Watch a Biathelon competition...its much like what you are doing with the way they cock their specialized rifles nowadays...

Anyway, worry less about the extra shots...make the First ONE count!!
If I could have gotten every Private in the Army to learn one thing before hitting the range, that would be it!!
Unfortunately most of 'em play MOH vids and think that ammo is unlimited...Pray & Spray...
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