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A 'safe' way to test this is to remove the magazine, clear the chamber and cock the hammer. AGAIN, CLEAR the CHAMBER FIRST!!!!!

With the magazine out of the pistol and the chamber empty, take a pencil with a rubber eraser. Drop the pencil into the muzzle, with the eraser side down.

Aiming up, and toward a safe direction, pull the trigger.

When I do this the pencil flies about 2-4 feet out of the barrel. I don't think it will even leave the barrel unless the firing pin moves to hit it.

There are two possible ways to make a mag disconnect work that I can think of.

The most obvious is to tie it to the hammer. With the magazine out, the hammer won't fall or pull.

The second way is to tie it to the firing pin block. With the hammer back and magazine out, pulling the trigger could let the hammer fall, but the firing pin block wouldn't move, thus the firing pin wouldn't hit the primer.

I've never heard of the second version, but it might be a method used.

This pencil technique can be done in your home and you don't have to worry about any issues. If the pencil flies, you have no mag disconnect.

AGAIN, empy chamber AFTER removing magazine.

Keep up posted.

PS, if you are in California and this pistol was bought new before 2007, you may not have a LCI or mag disconnect.

My LCI is a small hole in the edge of the chamber of the barrel. I think of it as a 'sight window', as opposed to the newer [post 2007] LCI, which are supposed to stick OUT somehow. And the Mag Disconnect became law for any pistol that had not already been approved for the California gun list before that requirement took effect.

So, if you are in THAT Lancaster, there are ways you could legally have a gun without those features. PM me if you are in Cal and have any questions.
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