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Mag disconnect safety

I have a Sig SP2022(aka, SigPRO) and on Sig's website(it's been updated since I bought the pistol so it's not there anymore) and the owners manual, my gun has an L.C.I., decocker, magazine disconnect safety(I forgot the actual term for it but the gun isn't supposed to fire without a magazine in it).
My gun only has a decocker on it... I'm ok with the lack of LCI(models change and guns instock don't get switched out unless it's mandatory, totally ok with that) but I'd prefer to know if my gun can fire without a magazine in it. I can only think of one way to test it: put a mag in with a round in and rack the slide, remove the mag and pull the trigger(obviously this would be done as safely as possible). Something about this seems very sketchy to me and worries me for some reason. Any one know of anything that could go wrong or a better, far safer feeling way?

TL;DR: How do you test to see if a gun has a mag disconnect safety?
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