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First thing I would do, is call or email Hornady and ask what the COL is suggested for use in a 5.56mm rifle for that bullet. My guess would be 2.250" or very close.

Second, I load one bullet with CFE223 and my AR likes the lighter load of 25gr. Unfortunately CFE223 seems to be picky in my AR. I started using H335 and my accuracy is WAY better than CFE ever gave me.

Third, I only use CCI41 primers in my AR. Buy a box of 100, its only a few bucks. Duplicate each load step using both primers, try using a .3 grain step between loads.

Last but not least, Print some free targets at and use 1 target for each load step, write the load data on them and save them, I reference mine all the time!

Hope it helps
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