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Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
The problem is that those are seen as special-interest or "niche" channels by the mainstream. The negative portrayals are showing on the mainstream channels.
I know it's little comfort, but remember that the mainstream media's whole reason for existing is to provide a vehicle to sell toothpaste and laundry detergent. They would try to sensationalize grass growing or paint drying if they could.

So presenting responsible adults engaging in nonsensational behavior isn't good for them.

The problem comes in that many of the "reporters" today buy in to the presentation, and have also lost the old school objectivity. They have a social agenda.

But getting the mainstream to present boring nonsensational stories isn't going to happen.

The old newspaper saw was "If it bleeds, then it leads." You put the pictures of the car wreck above the fold.

Nothing much has changed.
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