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Maybe not roll pins. In the past several years, Sig has gone to and from three different types of pins on P series pistols. 1. The typical roll pin within a roll pin. 2. The rolled pin. Which is like a rolled up croisant (sp- funny fench biscuit thing), and looks like a typical roll-pin when viewed from the end while in place. 3. And the splined pin. A regular pin with an enlarged and splined portion on one end.

Sig does not recommend the re-use of any of their pins. My thoughts on that? I don't know, the jury is still out I guess. During the Armorers course, we worked on "factory armorers class designated" firearms with obviously wallowed out holes and abused pins. Would I re-use pins? No- and all because they put that "Liability and Vicarious Liability" bug in my head. Would I re-use one in an emergency situation on MY OWN firearm? I still don't know- it would have to be a pretty serious emergency.
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