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10mm vs .357

This is another bear question. Sorry guys. I was in the market for a semi-auto, .45 acp particularly, when I fell in love with the 10mm. I've heard the 10 is the only semi-auto people would trust in a 4 legged defensive situation. I like to hike and bike a lot. I've always trusted my .357 with 180gr hardcast Buffalo Bore. When I picked up my 10mm I grabbed some hornady xtp for HD but also a box of 220 gr double tap hard casts. Can this replace my .357 as my trail gun? It has a 14 round mag but from what I hear you can only get off maybe 3 shots in a bear charge which brings me to another point. It takes a second to take off the safety on a semi. In the same amount of time I could have already had a shot off with my revolver. I would love some honest productive input. I see bear A LOT and have only been charged once, which luckily was a bluff charge. Its enough so have a side arm on the trail in my opinion is a must. . . and my Remi 870 with 3" Black Magic slugs isnt an option!
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