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Pietta Navy grips are not the same shape as just about every other Colt Navy (SAA) grip made. The engraving is likely rolled rather than carved. It could also be lasergraved(?). The Taylors '60 Army would be my pick. Bigger caliber and likely that you could even shoot 200gr conicals in it. You can't in a Pietta Army but might be able to in a Uberti (I can in my ASM 1860 Army).

As was stated before, handling them and also picking out a target some distance away and shutting your eyes and aiming at it then opening your eyes to see where the gun naturally points would be what I would do. Pietta Navies point high for me so I have swapped off the Navy grips for Army ones but then I only have 44 cal "Navies" from Pietta. My 44 Navies from ASM have normal Navy grips and are my "serious match" guns where I get the best handling, speed and accuracy from them above all the C&B guns I have owned (over 30).
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