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Beretta 92fs/m9 because I find it to be very tough by the way it's constructed, a pretty solid feel. I really like certain things about it for me at least like the safety. You may feel like carrying chambered with a little less anxiety of discharge due to your safety. Another main thing is say is if the magazine is damaged I can take the ammo out of it and put it back in the pistol's chamber so I can load a shot at a time in the barrel thats a real feel of comfort, also if the firing pin fractures it still has the external hammer to help it fire shots off. At least I heard that quote. That I think mainly and the amount of steel and aluminum mainly to be lighter make it a viable choice for me. Although cleaning is required alot more than mabey most semis but the takedown operation is very easy for me and no real issue so, I will be definately cleaning it as often because that therefore makes me feel more confident having it with me. The factory set trigger squeeze till break is high poundage so I have bought some lower poundage hammer springs which are not to hard to put in. Just watch a youtube vid on how to do it.
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