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I rarely agree with Mike, but the base difference is quite wide between an '06 and a 7.7, depending on who's brass you use. Winchester is one of the smallest cases made. Grab a handful of different brands and mike the bases on unfired rounds. If you would take a small case (Such as Winchester) and use it in an Arisaka with a max chamber, it could rupture if loaded hot enough. I recently sold an Arisaka at an auction that was re-worked to 30-06 by the U.S. Military during the Korean War. It had all the stampings and was the weird phosphate green. The difference is that military brass is large and quite heavy compared to commercial brass. Pretty much the rupturing starts as the loads increase. I once fired a factory .300 Savage in a 7.62x54R chamber (Long story) and the brass looked normal. The factory loads are usually quite light. On the other hand, there are many people that were not so lucky with unsupported cases in the wrong chamber. The original poster was not too clear, but I think he said both cases were headstamped 7.7 JAP. The shorter one was just loaded lighter and did not expand.
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