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Both are examples of the new trend to build disposable rifles. They both work, they both are reasonably accurate. Both are designed for the guy who shoots box or less of ammo a year to zero their rifle and do a little deer hunting

jmr40--You have me puzzled here. Less than a box a year and little deer hunting. I see you said the axis would be the way you would go. As for the rest im lost. I have a 243 axis xp. I shoot around 100 rounds a week or so out of it. With my hand loads it will hold a match to any thing out there. I did take the trigger out and clip 1.5 coils off the spring ( what a horrable trigger it was). I do not belive them to be disposable in any manner what so ever.The rifles will last a life time and are as accurate as anything on the market, Please explaine????..
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