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What Huffmanite said.

I have a Mossberg ATR 30-06 with the adjustable trigger. The rifle is light enough to make the Rem 700 folks I shoot with wish their rifles were as light. And those who have accepted my invitation to shoot the Mossberg have all been pleasantly surprised with the accuracy. The only problem for some is the recoil pad. It's thin. On a 30-06 I never expected soft recoil, but some do. The barrel is supposed to be free floating but I had to file on a bit of wood to get the right amount of clearance for true free float.

Mine came with a scope which I replaced with a Nikon Buckmaster with BDC. I reload my own ammo, and this rifle really likes 180gr Swift A Frame bullets with IMR4895. I wish this rifle would like 150 grain bullets since my wife bought a few thousand of those for her 308. An inexpensive rifle that likes expensive bullets seems about right for my luck.

Good luck on your quest.
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