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Nickel flaking off on brand new Bersa Thunder 380

I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 for my wife earlier this week and have taken it to the range twice, for a total of 300 rounds (standard ammo -- Remington, etc..).

I cleaned it after the first trip with Hoppes 9, nothing soaked, just a patch wipe down. Then today, I cleaned it again with the same method -- and nickel started to flake off at the back of the slide (where the hammer strikes) as well as on the trigger draw bar (where the slide runs right over it).

Here are some pics:

According to Hoppes, their solvent can be used on nickel -- so long as the contact is brief (i.e. wipe on and off vs soaking). I've also read on a few forums that this shouldn't damage the nickel (though not everyone agrees).

Well, I'm wondering if the Hoppes is responsible for the nickel flaking off or if it is a factory plating issue. In the future, I'll avoid Hoppes for nickel guns, but should I contact the manufacturer for a replacement? The gun, after all, is only 4 days old!

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