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Why the 7mm-08 over the 280 Rem?

I was just reading an interesting article in an old gun magazine about the 280 Remington, which is on it's way to being obsolete (if it isn't already). The article suggests that the 280 is in the middle between the old established cartridges - the 270 and the 30-06 - and nobody really needs the 280 since the 7mm Mag is 'the' 7mm to use. Well....Ok...but if that's the case, why are so many folks so hot on the 7mm-08? The 280 shoots most bullets about 200 fps faster than the 7mm-08. What's the real justification for the popularity of the 7mm-08? Maybe it's the short action, but I don't see that as a valid reason. Less recoil? That's a reason, but not a big reason. So what's the reason for the popularity of the weakest of the 7mm rounds? Why would you want one? Personally, I don't own any 7mm rifles, but if I wanted one I'd get the 280.
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