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so i had a little time to go and shoot her today. first impressions, this thing is a blast. the ammo i picked up was some factory federal american eagle 110 gr fmj and magtech 110 gr fmj. i didn't have a lot of time, so only six cylinders worth. those of you that said the recoil was sharp, i think you meant the report. the recoil was minimal, very fun. the bang was a sharp crack, not much of a boom but loud. very cool. accuracy was something for me to aspire to for sure. not very often can i hit a can from 50 yrds. extraction however, you guys were right. the federal ammo, maybe 1 out of the cylinder came out easy, the rest required some serous effort. the magtech, 2 came out easy. once three came out easy. the magtech brass was way dirtier though, the federal looked like it hadn't even been fired. final thoughts, i'm glad i picked this up. i really want to shoot some lower velocity lead now, and call it a lead throwing revolver tokarev with a heavier bullet. thanks for the replies and thanks to Jepp2 for the great info. i know i'll be having fun with this thing.
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