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The first suggestion is to make sure all the primers in the strips are flush with the strip edge.
They should be flush with the upper edge. Correct?

The next thing is to be aware that moving the press handle toward the bench lifts a primer.
Understood, and to avoid that problem, I attempted to run an empty strip through. No go.

I made two simple mods to take the primers off line and prevent the press handle from moving into priming mode when you don't want. Takes a couple of hours and a trip to Ace/Home Depot. Here's the Link.
That, by the way, is a very cool "repurposing" of other materials.

Just one thought, can the same thing be accomplished by removing the primer pin assembly?

The Pro 2000 is simpler by far than any other progressive...
It seems that way, and I really like the ease of changing calibers. The machining is excellent, and the fit and finish is quite good. Indeed, I suspect my problem with the APS is a simple adjustment issue, BUT it would help if the instructions had a troubleshooting section. For that matter, the instructions appear to be the weakest part of the whole product.

So if it came to you loose, and you have synching problems, email RCBS and get the guages to set it up right.

Many thanks!
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