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Most agencies choose based on budget, whatever meets the specs and is in budget is what gets bought..
Since a majority of agencies in the country went to .40, which cost them more, it's inaccurate to say they choose completely based on budget.
Total fallacy that 45,40 and 9mm all have the same performance.
Of course it is.

Did you think someone here claimed they did?
E-MCsquared - The force of the recoil = the force going forward
If you're referring to Newton's 3rd law, it's true.

Unfortunately that has little to do with terminal performance of handgun projectiles. Unless you believe that muzzle energy is indicative of performance.
Are you telling me 9mm per same specs on a given gun recoils more than a 45??? Sorry no...
Again, you're apparently readings things I must have missed.

45 certainly can expand to a greater diameter, 40 and 9mm are closer in expansion.
Correct. Some 9mm loads expand more and penetrate deeper than some .40 loads, and vice versa.

The main thing is accuracy is king and in general the diameter of the cavity is significant enough among all these rounds to produce the results needed for self defense.
Indeed. Shot placement trumps any differences in performance.

Which is why the easier to shoot 9mm can be argued as a better choice than the similarly performing, but heavier recoiling .40.

Shoot whatever works for you, but 9mm is only king of self defense rounds if its what you like and choose to use, same for all the other rounds.
"King of self defense rounds"? Again, did I miss another post?

But if you're suggesting that folks should use what they like and shoot well, I agree.
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