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First Handgun Purchase

Hey everyone,

New member here and I am looking to buy my first semi-automatic handgun (first handgun at all actually). I plan to use this for home defense and as a conceal carry weapon.

I have been eye balling the Smith and Wesson M&P 40 for a while. I like its design and have read reviews how it shoots pretty well. I also like it because of the price, which I am trying to stay around 500.

Recently I was turned onto CZ USA and while looking through their guns I also very much liked what they had to offer. Since then I have turned my sights on the P-07.

What are everyone's thoughts on these two guns? Is there something else that you can suggest?

Another important question I have is caliber. For some reason I have it stuck in my head that a 9mm is not an effective caliber. I know that higher calibers offer my power but they are also very much louder and slightly more difficult to shoot. Speaking of which, I have shot a 357 and 40 but I have never shot a 9mm.

I would like to foster a good discussion on both of these topics as I like to do my research and be prepared.

Thanks everyone.
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