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Sure did get our $16.00 worth today. My goals were to shoot about 200 rounds through the full sized S&W1911(got it about three weeks ago on a trade, this was my first chance to shoot it), run a few magazines of older carry ammo through the S&W1911Sc, and finally shoot the Cimarron .357 (Always wanted a single action, this is my first, I've got a lot of getting used to with the one handed grip)

Here is my wife getting ready with the 22/45

This is the Cimarron, 12 shots at 10 yards. That is all me, this gun is capable of a lot more.

40 rounds at 12 yards with the full size 1911. When I do what I am supposed to, this pistol is freakin awesome.

8 rounds at 12 yards with the full size 1911

My wife and the Cimarron, she doesn't like shooting 1 handed.

Cleaning time in the den.
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