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tipoc: OK, by the numbers....

1. We train for center mass shots. We also train for "failure to stop" drills like the Mozambique Drill....two to the chest, one (or more) to the head. Guess we train for head shots, too...

2. Granted....but, as you said, the .22lr is a lethal round.

3. Granted....but the same has been said for any handgun. Show me any handgun, and there will be stories of how it failed to stop a BG.

4 & 5. So, most handgun owners aren't HSLD operators....kinda obvious a point. But how do shooters get better? Practice, practice, practice. And what will encourage new shooters to practice?.....ammo that costs $15/50rds or ammo that costs $15/500rds? And, if a shooter can shoot .22lr best, how would saddling them with a heavier-recoiling, harder to shoot handgun be any advantage? Shot placement is key, remember? How about letting shooters shoot a gun that will save their lives long enough for them to learn how to shoot something more effective?
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