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CZ has an undeserved reputation for weak springs. In the case of extractor springs, however, it may be a valid complaint with some of the older guns, and CZ has since gone to stronger springs.

About 8-9 years ago, CZ also had a large batch of bad trigger springs. Except for that, the claims about bad springs are generally unwarranted.

Leaving hi-cap magazines fully loaded over long periods can eventually lead to spring deterioration for most guns, but it'll take a while. (The CZ P-01 mags would be classified as hi-cap mags...)

If your gun shoots well (feeds) with the existing springs, just download the mags a round or two when storing loaded mags, and keep the springs you have. If there are feeding problems, get replacement springs from Wolff. Shooting the gun periodically is the best proof of functionality.

(Anyone wanting to dispute the claim about hi-cap or compact mag springs deteriorating when compressed during long-term storage, do a search here on the TFL and you'll find all the info you need. I can post a brief summary if anyone is interested.)
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