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The Gen 2 24/7 Pro with SA/DA trigger is better than the DAO Gen 1 and I prefer it to the Gen 3 24/7 Pro that is in current production.

I own a G2 24/7 Pro C Titanium.

The Pros

With the Titanium slide is is the lightest pistol of it's size. The ergonomics of the 24/7 Pro C are excellent as well. The SA trigger pull is light and crisp with a very short reset. One can shoot this pistol very quickly. I much prefer the straight 8 Heine sights for a pistol that I use primarily for carry. The DA "restrike" capability is nice, but not really a primary requirement. Some of these pistols can be decocked allowing for greater versatility in carry options.

The Cons

The trigger pull will slightly move the barrel. Compensation on follow through is therefore required. Also, the fit and QC of the line is not up to par with other manufacturers. That doesn't mean that a specific specimen will not run well, but mine will only run smoothly when clean. Because of my concerns with reliability, it doesn't get as much time in the carry rotation anymore.

Ultimately, it's a gun I still like - the Titanium is awesome and I prefer shooting it to other pistols in it's class. Would have been a real winner if it was as mechanically reliable as those other pistols in it's class.

Curious what others may think of the G3 model. While takedown is better than the G2 predecessor, the ergonomics are a step backward, the trigger unremarkable, and the strange setup of the DA/SA trigger is confusing to say the least. I thought the trigger was broken when I first picked one up!
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