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Thank you. Very interesting data. So it looks like the 22 magnum in 2" barrel adds about 200-250 fps relative to the 22lr when comparing similar weight bullets. In your opinion, what is the practical effect of that increase? Is it significant enough that moving from something like a beretta bobcat 22lr to your Taurus 94 22wmr is a substantive increase in effectiveness in a CC pistol?
Velocity only, is not the end all of how a bullet will perform, especially at handgun velocities. Bullets can be engineered for more or less penetration, or more or less expansion, to achieve a balance of the two. Choosing a faster .22 Mag round, loaded with a projectile designed to kill squirrels, is a poor choice for defense use, despite what the energy charts might say. Those figures are irrelevant for judging terminal performance.

The loads that have come out recently in .22 Mag that are designed for defense, will outperform anything else in rimfire ammunition, regardless of velocity.
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