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How could you ever be rude, BigJim Maybe a trip back to see Paul at JS Air Cushion is just the thing.

I do think the old light switch drill also helps. Today I noticed that the gun wants to point left almost regardless of foot postioning and then I noted that my hips are sligthl twisted left. I don't want to force it, but by allowing the hips to point off to the right as they seem to want to my gun is pointing only slightly left when I open my eyes (this is without forcing my wrist to twist in or pulling the stock tight into my face.)

Quote: evalute the setup / how to adjust it at home .. ( use the old drill - look at a light switch on the wall accross a room at home (unloaded gun of course) ...
But a loaded gun is so much more fun. The red lights, sirens, screams, and police bull horns.
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