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Yet more .22 fun today!

Today I had my first day of .22 plinking on metal targets. Ranges don't have them, so it is only on private land that you do this and my urban backyard hardly qualifies, but our club head has open land and so today, in rain (but blissfully no wind), I had a punt!

Great fun with my CZ 452: six targets: one at about 96m, then 107m, 149m, 167m, 210 and 244m!! Five shots at each was the only rule.

Considering I was not using clik adjustments from my 25m zero, only hold-over, and I'd forgotten all my Nikon "Spot-on" print outs, I was amazed when I got consistent hits on several targets. Howver, I did miss the 210 and 167 plates completely.

Oh well... live and learn, but it was great fun to get the "dong" half a second after the trigger was squeezed!!
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