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I raise this thread due to new info. After some time with the CZ magazines loaded and idle (with good quality ammo) I do not see the jamming of the rounds and failure for the rounds to rise to the top of the mag. But I think I do see weakness. I am starting to question the strength of the the original CZ magazine springs. Therefore I would ask those that have gone before me about what they saw and when did they decide it was time to replace or change brands of magazine springs? Wolff comes to mind. Apart from the couple magazines that I have been using, I also do have new, unopened packs of CZ-USA, Kansas City, KS, USA MAG CZ75 COMPACT 9MM 14RD magazines. My thinking is that perhaps if there are others out there that suggest weak CZ springs, I would proceed with replacing them. This would constitute a major blemish for me since I have always touted my CZ P-01 as one superior auto handgun. If spring strength is a weakness, it was just not apparent to me early on.
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