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MG Transfer

"Poprivit you are incorrect, this is an opportunity for you to listen and learn and understand."

Thanks for clearing this up, David
Even if you're wrong.

[I] Non-FFL holders may only purchase an NFA weapon from a dealer or individual within their own state. If the weapon is located out of state it must be transferred to a class 3 dealer within the state, before transfer to the non FFL purchaser. C&R FFL holders (type 03) may purchase C&R NFA guns from out of state dealers and individuals. Type 01 FFL holders, who are not qualified to deal in NFA weapons, that is are not SOT taxpayers (see below) may purchase any fully transferable (no dealer samples, see below) NFA weapon, from an out of state source. If the FFL holder is an individual he must submit fingerprints, photograph, and the law enforcement certification.[/I]
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