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Low power scope WITHOUT fast focus eye piece!!!

What I need:

-True 1X
-Variable up to 4x or more
-Better light gathering abilities than my Nikon 1-4x20 african scope
-Preferably fairly light weight
-DOES NOT HAVE a fast focus eye piece (unless it is somehow "lockable" to a certain setting, not sure if that even exists)
-Duplex or German #4 type heavy reticle
-under $800

Now dismiss the following if you don't want to hear my rant, but please give suggestions for scopes matching the above criteria! Thanks.

I purchased a Nikon 1-4x20 african scope in the past year, and thought i was buying exactly what i wanted, sadly it wasn't even close...I like the reticle, clarity, and magnification. I do not like how dam stiff the zoom adjuster ring is, its much stiffer than needed to hold the zoom, far too stiff. I am an assembly man/part time car mechanic and have strong, large its not b/c of lack of hand strength! The adjuster is just that stiff. My biggest gripe, and why I AM SELLING IT (contact me if you would like it, i have the original box and its in excellent condition) is that is has this fast focus eye piece garbage. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want this. You set the eye piece focus up once and you are finished. There is no need (that i personally have ever had, especially on a low power scope) to readjust. The problem is, that when walking or even sitting in the woods, after normal gentle handling, you look, and your focus is misadjusted! Now your target is blurry!!! This is used in the north east deer woods, GOD HELP ME if I made the mistake to use this on a real dangerous game hunt, i literally would BE DEAD b/c of a severely out of adjustment focus. The kicker here is, the fast focus eye piece adjustment friction IS FAR LESS THAN THE MAGNIFICATION RING!!! ***!!! This scope will blow your hunt in the north east and kill you in africa, i would never recommend it to anyone for this fault alone. Marketing it as a dangerous game scope, when the scope will literally go out of focus in 10 minutes of hiking, is not only absurd, its down right deadly.

I then started looking at another scope, the Weaver super slam 1-5x 30mm tube scope. This scope has everything I want, however, i am unsure if it has the fast focus adjustment?, can anyone confirm if it does or does not? The weaver website makes no mention of it. I've read it advertised as having it and have seen ads with no mention of it. I've also seen the tube size listed as 1" or 30mm and the weight vary by 15oz! So i'm really not sure what to believe, i was looking into the model #849352. I am wondering also if any of these company's have some sort of locking feature on the fast focus ring instead of just relying on friction...

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