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Latest Rust Blue project: Ruger Speed Six

Hi everyone. I just wanted to post up the results of my latest refinishing project.

This Speed Six was a gun I picked up on-line over a year and a half ago. The seller described the gun as having been owned by a security company. I can only imagine that it spent some time sliding around, unholstered, on the floorboard of the 'security vehicle'. The finish was pretty much beaten to hell, with about 50% of the bluing left. There were quite a few scratches and some pretty deep gouges and dents as well.

Mechanically, though, the thing was perfect - smooth as butter, in fact, so, when I got it, I knew I had wisely spent my $250.00.

I did my best with the dents and gouges,but I'm no professional. The rest of the metal prep was some sanding, then a bead blast (80 grit beads). I'm still amazed at the depth that Rust Bluing gives to even a bead blasted finish. There was no polishing beyond the bead blasting aside from the carding wheel and steel wool. I have got to start remembering to do some 'before' photos when I start these things!

Anyway, here are the results: The grips are just some no name walnuts I found on ebay a while back. I'm in the process of rehabbing the original grips as well - they were even more beat up than the gun. I've sanded the checkering smooth (it was almost gone already), and I'm doing a BLO + Tom's 1/3 mix finish on them. I may post photos with those grips once they are done.

2012-11-04_13-01-45_491 by marklmurray, on Flickr

2012-11-04_13-00-38_772 by marklmurray, on Flickr

2012-11-04_12-59-25_563 by marklmurray, on Flickr
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