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I think Flayderman is in error. The New Army and New Navy civilian models were made in .38 Long Colt*, .41 Colt, and .32 W.C.F. (.32-20). Perhaps it is the latter the writer was thinking about. I can find nothing, in any other document, that indicates Colt ever made that revolver in .38 S&W.

By the serial number, your revolver would have the straight chambers and was made to fire the .38 Special as well as the .38 Short and .38 Long Colt cartridges. It might also accept .357 Magnum, but please don't fire that round in it.

*They will accept .38 Short Colt as well, in the same way a gun may be described as using .22 Long Rifle, while it will also shoot .22 Short and .22 Long.

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