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RCBS Pro 2000 APS Problem?

Hi Folks!

My fun for this cloudy weekend has been to set up my new RCBS Pro 2000. It's a lovely piece of kit, and it seems to be working very well, with one exception ...

I can't get the APS feed strips to feed reliably. Sometimes it doesn't seem to advance the strips at all. Sometimes it feeds them partially, leading to primer jams, etc.

As suggested by GWS and others in an earlier thread (, I've tried pushing the strip in one click (as opposed to two clicks as indicated in the instructions). I've tried drawing the strip back a bit. No luck.

One suspicion ... The auto index cam bracket was not fixed in place when I received the machine, and I had to adjust it manually, without benefit of the RCBS gages mentioned in the instructions. However, I was able to adjust it myself to rotate and index the shell holder properly.

Any suggestions?

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